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Bear-Resistant Garbage Cans

  • Bear-Resistant Rollout Cart -

  • Bearicuda Basic Bear Resistant Garbage Can; 30-gal.; Approximately $129.00

  • Toter Bear Tough Animal Proof/Animal Resistant Garbage Can; 64-gal., with wheels; approximately $299.99 –  Online or at Ace Hardware


Bear Spray

  • Counter Assault, 10.2 oz. canister, effective up to 32 feet away; Approximately $54.95 Online or at REI

Electric Bear Fencing for Campers, Beehives, Chicken Coops

  • UDAP Electric Bear Fence - Fence encloses a 27'L x 27'W area. It's easy to carry at just 3.7 lbs.; Approximately $219.99; Buy at Cabela’s

Image by John Thomas
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