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Kathleen Sullivan

Board Member

Animal welfare has always been very important to me. During my 35 year career in Commercial Banking I volunteered for New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue doing adoption, fostering, evaluations and transports. I am still a member of the organization which is run out of Massachusetts. I continue to help out in CT and western MA when needed. I also held Board positions with The Shelter for Women and served for over 20 years on the Board of Klingberg Family Centers including a term as Board Chairperson.

Once retired, I was invited to join the Board of Our Companions Animal Rescue and served as a member of the Finance Committee. Once my consecutive terms expired and I was required to rotate off the Board I became a member of the Advisory Board, a position that I still hold.

I joined the Board of CT Votes for Animals in 2010 and am currently an Advisory Board Member.

Although I am at our dog Timber’s beckon call 24/7, I do manage to get in quite a bit of cycling in the nicer weather. I am looking forward to being involved with the new and exciting C-3. It is wonderful to have witnessed how much progress for animals the organization has made over the years. The future is brighter than ever. Thank you for including me on the Board as we move ahead.

Kathleen Sullivan
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