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CT Coalition to Protect Bears Educational Webinars

  • Black Bear Killing in Newtown - A Teaching Moment for Connecticut June 22, 2022


The shooting death in May 2022 of Bobbi the bear in Newtown sparked outrage across the state.  Join CT Coalition to Protect Bears for an educational webinar and a recap of the recent incident in Newtown.  Get an update on the status of Bobbi's cubs being rehabilitated in New Hampshire, learn from wildlife experts how to co-exist peacefully with bears, and get all your bear related questions answered.  The webinar will start promptly at 6:00 so log in early.  

  • Becoming Bear Aware in Connecticut: Learn how to keep bears wild and people safe 

November 16, 2021 Webinar offering helpful tips and best practices to be “bear aware” especially during the fall when bears begin their fattening

up period and work to put on enough fat layers to survive wintertime hibernation.


In the Coalition's first webinar you will hear invaluable information about

status of bears in Connecticut, their life cycle and importantly how to remove attractants, deter their interest and
peacefully co-exist with CT's small black 
bear population.


The Newtown Cubs: Kilham Bear Center, New Hampshire

Learn about the Kilham Bear Center, new home of the Newtown Bear Cubs, and how the Center goes about rehabilitating CT's orphaned cubs.  Check out their instagram account to see a photo of the Newtown cubs. 

On-line education resources

Bear-Resistant Garbage Cans

  • Bearicuda Basic Bear Resistant Garbage Can; 30-gal.; $129.00 – Buy online

  • Toter Bear Tough Animal Proof/Animal Resistant Garbage Can; 64-gal., with wheels; $299.99 – Buy Online or at Ace Hardware


Bear Spray

  • Counter Assault, 10.2 oz. canister, effective up to 32 feet away; $54.95 Buy Online or Buy at REI

Electric Bear Fencing for Campers, Beehives, Chicken Coops

  • UDAP Electric Bear Fence - Fence encloses a 27'L x 27'W area. It's easy to carry at just 3.7 lbs.; $219.99; Buy at Cabela’s

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